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Suboxone Doctor Denham Springs, LA

Bayou Recovery Center is located in Denham Springs, LA. Dr. Baylor Jewell, MD. uses Suboxone, Zubsolv or Bunivail, to help the patient "put the lid on the desire" for alcohol and drugs. In addition to this, Dr. Jewell uses cognitive therapy and behavior modification which helps retrain the brain to be able to control the desire for alcohol and drugs. 

How do I know if Suboxone is right for me?

Suboxone is known as a safe and effective medication that can help those who are struggling with an opioid addiction. If you or someone you love have become dependent on one or more opioids, incorporating Suboxone into a comprehensive plan at Bayou Recovery Center can help you put your abuse to an end.

How long will I need to be on Suboxone?

The period of time that you will need to be on Suboxone will be a decision that you and Doctor Jewell will discuss. 

If I call you or make an appointment will anyone else find out?

Keeping your information private and confidential is central to what we do at  Bayou Recovery Center. We will not disclose your participation in our program under any circumstances, unless you specifically direct us to do so in writing. There are federal laws that work to protect information about those who seek treatment. No one at your workplace, in law enforcement, or in your family is entitled to know that you are seeking treatment. You are welcome to call us anonymously to start a conversation. 

What Are The Uses For Suboxone?

  • Relief of opioid withdrawal symptoms quickly, usually within hours

  • Detox off any opioid to total freedom from opiates in one week to two months.

  • Maintain opioid-dependent patients in a state free of withdrawal, intoxication or cravings.

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"My Experience with Suboxone can be simply summarized by saying, It saved my life and career. Suboxone allowed me to develop a routine of monthly scheduled doctor appointments and a good structured work routine. While taking suboxone I can maintain my career and personal life with no issues. Suboxone is clearly the absolute best solution for opioid dependency." ~



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